Club Fitting

Club Fitting Systems Available:




Club Fitting is performed using the SkyTrak Launch Monitor software. SkyTrak displays accurate launch data and ball flight in real time. Measurements include:

Ball Speed
Launch Angle
Back Spin
Side Angle
Club Speed
Carry Distance
Total Distance
Ball Path and Distance Offline

skytrak 1

skytrak 3

Club Fitting Sessions

The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer recommends the top 15 shafts available based on your swing characteristics.

Do you know if your equipment properly fits your swing? Take the guesswork out of your game and schedule a club fitting appointment this month and compare your equipment with the top 15 recommended shafts for your swing.  Fittings include the correct Length, Lie, Club Head Speed, Tempo, Shaft Toe down, Shaft Kick Angle and Release Factor.

The majority of golfers believe shafts should be fit based solely on swing speed. However, two payers with identical club head speeds and tempo can require two totally different bending profiles based on their shaft toe down, shaft kick angle and release factor.  Measuring club head speed and tempo determine the ideal flex and weight of the shaft.  In addition, Shaft Toe Down, Shaft Kick Angle and Release Factor indicate how the shaft is bending during the swing.  Taking all these measurements into account, we recommend the top 15 shafts with the ideal bending profile which deliver maximum consistent energy transfer to the ball.

Club Head Speed – How fast the club head and shaft are moving during the swing.

Tempo – How quickly a player transitions from the backswing to downswing.

Shaft Toe Down – A measure of the bowing of the shaft in a downward direction during the down swing.

Shaft Kick Angle – The amount of shaft forward bending during the down swing motion.

Release Factor – How and when the club head and shaft are releasing during the downswing.

The cost is $50 per club fitting session, however, all fees are waived with the purchase of a new set of clubs.  Contact Matt Keller at  to schedule your appointment.







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